netScore: Internet Traffic Measurement Service

netScore is a revolutionary internet traffic measurement service that provides eBusinesses with a more comprehensive understanding of online business performance. This breakthrough product uses patent-pending technology to capture all surfing and buying activity from the comScore Global Network – the largest online customer information source ever assembled. With more than 1.5 million opt-in members, the comScore Global Network is the only panel large enough to provide a true representation of online behavior across the entire Internet.

Unique Buying Power Index
With netScore, you get a more complete picture of how online businesses are actually performing. That’s because netScore is the only traffic measurement service that also measures the online purchasing power of a site’s visitors through a unique Buying Power Index (BPI™). The netScore BPI is the only index of its kind that enables you to evaluate whether a particular audience is well positioned to attract advertisers’ dollars overall and across 13 product categories.

Unprecedented Accuracy
netScore’s data collection and interpretation methods are designed to closely reflect the way Web site log files are produced. That means with netScore, you now have accurate audience measurement data that directly correlates to your own site’s log files.

Distinct Audience Segments With significant representation of multiple audience segments, netScore allows you to gain a deeper understand of where visitors are physically located when they access your Web site. With its massive panel of over 1.5 million members, netScore is able to divide its Internet traffic measurement into four distinct, sizeable audience segments: