netScore® is a unique Internet traffic measurement service designed to help you optimize marketing decisions and accurately quantify the value of your visitors as well as the competition’s. Available on an annual subscription basis, netScore provides monthly and quarterly views of key Internet business metrics.

netScore provides two syndicated Internet audience measurement products:

netScore Traffic & Buying™ includes standard visiting measures for U.S. Work, U.S. Home, U.S. College & University and Non – U.S. audiences, a demographic breakdown of U.S. visitors, the Buying Power Index (BPI) Report, which quantifies dollars spent across the entire Internet and the Product Category BPI report which quantifies dollars spent across 13 product categories.

netScore Site Profiler™ includes traffic and buying power indices for a domain’s audience and demographic segments, as well as cross-visiting information with top websites.

netScore reports are available on an annual subscription basis. The Traffic & Buying reports are delivered to subscribers in flexible HTML, spreadsheet, and PDF formats through web-based tools. Site Profiler is delivered in spreadsheet format.