netScore Site Profiler™

The netScore® Site Profiler™ report provides detailed analysis of a site’s Internet traffic, visitor demographics, visitor buying power, and cross-visiting characteristics.

Site Profiler analyzes a site’s Internet traffic according to seven standard traffic performance metrics:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Percentage reach
  • Average number of visits per visitor
  • Average number of page hits per visitor
  • Average number of page hits per site session
  • Average time spent per reporting period
  • Average time spent per site session


Use the Site Profiler Report to better understand your site’s key customers, compare your site’s visitors with your competitors’, identify sites for potential advertising and affiliate partnerships, target the most profitable Internet user populations, profile and target your best customers, and quantify your site’s visitors’ buying power for advertisers.

netScore reports are available on an annual subscription basis. netScore Site Profiler is delivered in spreadsheet format.